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SweGUG is back!

Our little Groovy user group is finally back in action after being dormant for almost a year. 8 of us met at the Valtech offices here in Stockholm this thursday. We had some food, drank some beer and got lots of great discussions out of it.

I’m thrilled that so many took the time off to come to the meeting even though there was only a weeks advance notice. I’m even happier for the great discussions and talks.

The whole evening was driven by the attendees through lightning talks and open discussions. Niklas Lindström introduced Spock to the crowd and demonstrated how to use this powerful BDD tool to great effect. I have to admit that I still don’t know Spock as well as I’d like to and really wanna work with it more myself. Another highlight from the evening was when Eric Johansson talked about how he’s been using Groovy’s meta-programming to make an existing Java-API a lot easier to work with (should get him to blog about that).

We’re looking at November for our next meeting and will probably organize it the same way again. This means lightning talks and great discussions from the attendees, pretty awesome huh? :)

Big thanks to Valtech for food and housing but even bigger thanks to Niklas who helped me organize the meeting!

See you all soon!

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